Flirting Tips

Flirting often referred to as a negative term is not indeed, what it is usually known. It’s a way of humorously and jokingly conveying to somebody that you are romantically attracted to the person. People who flirt with someone shows that they are indubitably fascinated to the person and it’s a signal that they humorously want to convey their point. Of course flirting can be nerve-wracking and while you are starting flirting with someone then feeling nervous is obvious. Don’t feel that way because there are ways you can bring in confidence and kill that fear! No matter what means you are using to flirt with your crush, be it online or over text or in person, always maintain a balance between divulging your feeling and keeping the person captivated.

Let’s explore some really interesting and helpful ways of flirting:

1. Flirting Personally

Making eye contact
Eye contact is the first step when you are flirting with someone. Keep your eyes on the person and look into them deeply and at regular intervals take off your eyes to make sure that the atmosphere dies not get too intense. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Do not stare continuously instead throw little glances at the person and continue doing that unless she catches your eyes. For a second or a two holds your gaze and smile and then take your eyes off.
  • Girls can flirt with a guy by lowering the gaze and then at the guy again from the lowered eye lashes.

Start the Conversation
You can either uphold the secret or introduce yourself! If the person is not you’re known then an introduction session or lack of it can be a great idea build an environment of flirting. Avoid using a naff pick up line. A precise introduction after a perfect “Hi” is an absolutely great idea. Here are some ways you can apply to start the conversation going:

  • If the guy/girl you have been attracted to secretly and you are unknown to each other and you are an outgoing person, start introducing yourself at some point of the conversation. You can say, Hi followed by your name, and make sure to ask the other person’s name. To grab his/her attention make sure to repeat it adding to it “lovely name”.
  • Or, if you like to keep the secret alive then keep you identity a mystery and let the other person keep pursuing you to revel your identity.

2. Flirting by Chatting or Text

Keep it Casual
Do not forget you basic conversation skills out of nervousness. Keep yourself calm and try starting the conversation on a lighter node. If both of you have never chatted before then start it all by talking about your favourite music or the favourite sports team. Here are some ways to start the show:

  • Hey, what’s up?
  • Have heard about?( add a certain ubiquitous event going around)
  • Have you listened to the latest song? (ask about a latest release)

Talk less about Yourself
If you are among someone who is most comfortable talking about themselves then you need to change your way this time. Give the other person chance to talk by being precise. However at various occasions create a situation that the other person can inquisitively ask questions about you.

  • This technique serves twin purposes of keeping the conversation going and also helps you know more about the each other.

If you do know the person then keeps the conversation going by discussing about his/her hobby and interest.

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