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Evolution of Valentine's Day With Time

Posted on : 06th Nov 2016

Valentine's Day is the day for celebration of love. Love, a very generic term is relative to any of a number of emotions that speak of affection and attraction. This word can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from faint pleasure to a feeling of strong interpersonal attachment. Valentine's day is also the day of making fresh promises of love and of keeping true to those promises you made at an earlier date.

The aspect of Valentine's day that has held true over the years is its relevance to these various emotions of love. But, there are other facets to the occasion of Valentine's Day that have evolved constantly over time. In the following paragraphs we will discuss some of the relevant aspects of this evolution,

Celebrating Every Relationship

From a day of romance to an occasion that celebrates love in all its forms, that is how Valentine's day has evolved over the years. From gifting tokens of love to girlfriends, wives to boyfriends and husbands this day has now become significant for sending Valentine gifts or tokens of love and affection across relationships. So, be it your wife or sister or mother you can now find this occasion as a reason to express your love for all of them through the various means that have become popular these days.

Commercialization of Valentine's day

From a day that honors love, Valentine's day has evolved into a commercial occasion. From cards and chocolate companies to florists, these days everyone comes into action with the knowledge of Valentine's day being round the corner. It has definitely become associated as being one of the most 'profitable' occasions in a calender year.

From a day honoring a Saint to a day that celebrates love

Valentines day has evolved from a day that honors Saint Valentine to a day that is relevant for the feelings of love, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial love, which is more platonic in nature. In fact this is one celebration that has lost the significant association with its origin. It is thus, that Valentine's day, which always has had a religious basis has evolved over the years into a day that celebrates love in its various forms and degrees.'Why' is now no longer as important as 'How' in terms of celebrating Valentines day.

Valentine's day is one of the most 'adaptable' occasions, it has been accepted and celebrated in variable terms by people over all these years since it has become popular. This is a day which has so many facets to it and that too also since it is an occasion which is so personal in nature. That has resulted in the celebration having taken a different flavor with differences in places, regions and cultures across the world.

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