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For all the couples whether engaged or married, romance is always in the air. To make the romantic moments more special, a good collection of romantic books is available in the market with some good romantic tips and fictional/true love stories. It is truly said, “The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”. So, to maintain that romantic spark in your love life read some excellent romantic books and feel the difference it brings.

Romantic books are steamy and sizzling and that's the reason why this section has boomed up in recent years. Today, romantic books have created a special demand for them in the market. Writers of the books put passion and love in the books which are irresistible to read. Romantic books hold a hint of fantasy in it with fiction which helps men and women find true happiness. They portray themselves in the same characters and feel the ongoings of a relationship with happy ending. Now-a-days, romantic books have become a best Valentine's present as people in a relationship want their beloved understand the value of love with book as a perfect source.

Some Popular Romantic Books

Romantic books are available under various categories. It can be a fictional love story, romantic tips book, classic love stories, books to heel the stale relation with your partner and many more. Given below is the list of some famous romantic books to be read, shared or a perfect Valentine gift for your love. Choose from the multiple options and make this valentine special for the one whom you love.

Love Story: by Eric Segal: The most famous works of Eric Segal is based on a love story between a rich boy and a poor girl. Their families disowns the two after their marriage. In later part of the story, girl suffers from a disease and dies. Then the boy reunites with his family.

Jane Eyre: This novel is written by Charlotte Bronte and is one of the most acclaimed stories. It is a story of young orphan, who suffers various hardships but ultimately falls in love with her Byronic hero, Mr. Rochester. It is a perfect romantic classic.

Pride and Prejudice: This novel of 1813, written by Jane Austen is the most read novel worldwide. The novel tells about the initial misunderstanding between Elizabeth and Darcy and later their mutual engagement and love for each other.

Wuthering Heights: by Emily Bronte: The story is perfectly narrated in a flashback sequence. Bronte has perfectly drawn a powerful picture of Heathcliff, who is brought to Heights from the streets of Liverpool by Mr Earnshaw. Heathcliff is treated as the same child by Mr. Earnshaw the way he treated his own children, Catherine and Hindley. After Earnshaw's death, Hindley bullies Heathcliff who is in love with Catherine. But Catherine marries Egdar Linton, Heathcliff becomes revengeful and targets his love Catherine who dies giving birth to a girl child. Catherine's daughter and his son Linton marry each other. Later, Linton dies and the young widow comes closer to Hindley's son. After experiencing such distressed life, Heathcliff wishes for his death that will reunite him with Catherine.

Hero, Come Back: Stephanie Laurens,Christina Dodd and Elizabeth Boyle created a sexy anthology with an exciting new theme. This book is amongst the bestsellers as it was successful in creating an ultimate anthology.

Emma: Jane Austen's one of the most well-written novel is Emma. It is a story of a self-styled lady. The story drags the mind in the way of heartbreak, romance and extreme love.

Forbidden: Forbidden is a touchy magical tale of Amber- The Untouched beautiful young lady who goes through intense pain if she touches anybody. In later part of the story, she falls in love with a person who belonged to a disputed land.

The Stranger I Married: by Sylvia Day: She has given extremely great chemistry between two people, Isabel and Gray. The book is a tale of two who fall in love long after they've said their vows. Gray’s determination to have Isabel love him the way he loves her makes him endearing yet vulnerable.

Persuasion: by Jane Austen: Those who are in love and have a fetish of romantic books then Persuasion by Jane Austen would be an ideal option. It's a story of Miss. Elliot who refuses the marriage proposal of Mr. Frederick because of her friend's persuasion. Later, Elliot is moved when she meets Captain Frederick and wishes him to accept her.

Crockett's Seduction (American Romance): by Tina Leonard: It is a story of two who cannot express their feelings to the outside world. Crockett Jefferson who deeply loves Valentine vows to himself not to pursue his feelings as he is the uncle of her daughter Anette.

Some other popular Romantic Books which can be gifted to your lover are given below:
  • The Romantic's Guide
  • From the Heart by Nora Roberts
  • 1001 Ways to Be Romantic
  • 365 Ways to Date Your Love
  • The Bride by Julie Garwood
  • It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Dream Man by Linda Howard
  • Seduction and Spice : 130 Recipes for Romance
  • 50 Ways to Feed Your Lover
  • Ask for It by Sylvia Day
  • Dancing with Clara by Mary Balogh
  • One More Tomorrow by Shirley Martin
  • Tainted Hearts by Cyndi Friberg
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