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Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Let your kids play a little with their imagination and creativity this Valentine's Day! Here are some interesting Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for small and big kids that may be tried with ease. Children will love making these cute crafts items as a Valentine's Day Gift for their best friends and also for Mommy-Daddy.

List of Valentine's Day Crafts Ideas:

» Valentine Envelopes
» Valentine Candles
» Pencil Mice Heart Valentines
» Candy Necklace
» "Flower Heart" Photo Valentine Gift
» Painted Stones with a Heart Motif for Valentine's Day
» Paint Stitch Pillow with a Heart Motif

Valentine Envelopes
Things Needed:
Wrapping or any paper with beautiful designs
Valentine symbol stickers

Take an envelope to be used as a pattern for Valentine envelope.
Place the paper you choose to design your new envelope on the table and put the pattern on top of it.
Trace an outline with a pencil.
Cut out the paper in the same shape of the pattern envelope, glue ends together.
Decorate the envelope with valentine symbols sticker to give it a special feel.
Leave the top open and insert a Valentine card.
Seal the top of the envelope with a sticker or glue.

Valentine Candles
Things Needed:
Wax Sheets
Clay Pot
Birthday Cake Candle Heart Shaped cookie cutters
Craft Stick
Floral foam
Stickers and paints for decoration
Candy hearts or glitter for decoration

Cut out 6 hearts from the wax sheet. Place 3 hearts together and apply some pressure to melt together a little.
Place the birthday candle in the center. It would work as a candle wick.
Place the craft stick just below the candle bottom. Cover the candle and the stick with the other 3 hearts.
It will appear like a sandwich of 3 hearts, candle, craft sticks and again 3 hearts.
Place together to make stick. Apply a bright paint to the pot and decorate it with glitter and stickers.
Place a floral foam at the bottom of the pot. Now push a craft stick into the foam to create an upright heart candle.
Cover the floral foam with moss. Sprinkle some red glitter to give a romantic effect.

Valentine Rose Pen
Things Needed:
Oval shaped Styrofoam ball
Clay pot
Artificial rose
Ball point pen
Green floral tape
6 inches red ribbon (1/8 inch thick) Craft moss

Cut a small tip off the Styrofoam ball with the knife.
Push the ball into the clay pot and flat down at the end.
Make a hole into the Styrofoam ball, slightly larger than the pen. The hole will serve to hold the upright pen later on.
Use the scissors to force or cut the cap off the pen. Be careful not to cut into the ink barrel. Pull the rose off its stem.
Insert the remaining stem into the top of the pen.
Wrap the pen with the floral tape.
Insert your flower pen into the Styrofoam hole far enough to hold it upright.
Place the moss inside the clay pot, covering the Styrofoam ball.
Tie the red ribbon into a bow underneath the flower.

Pencil Mice Heart Valentines
Things Needed:
Heavy construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Decorated Pencils
Black Marker or Pen
Hole punch

From red, pink or purple paper, cut out several hearts approximately 4 inches across.
On each, draw a nose and eyes. Punch four holes above the mouse's nose.
Thread a short length of pipe cleaner through the top two holes and another through the bottom two.
Lastly, slip a pencil down behind the whiskers, from the backside of the heart.

Candy Necklace
Present this necklace to a sweetie to wear with pride before, presumably, they eat it.

Things Needed:
Plastic wrap
Individually wrapped candies

Begin by laying out three feet of plastic wrap, cutting it in halflengthwise. Place candies or groups of candies every three inches.
Roll the plastic over and tie bows between each candy using six-inch strips of ribbon.
Tie the two ends of the plastic wrap together and cover the knot with another ribbon.

"Flower Heart" Photo Valentine Gift
Things Needed:
Red and Green Fun Foam
Three-inch clay pot
Florist tape
Florist stake
Florist foam
Permanent marker

First, write a message on the pot with a permanent marker.
While it dries, cut the heart and leaves from the fun foam.
Place the photo on the heart with a glue stick. Wrap the florist stake with the tape, inserting the leaves while you go.
Attach the heart with the tape or glue.
When the glue is completely dry, insert the flower into the foam.

This flower also makes a special Valentine without the terracotta pot. Make a bouquet using all of your children's photos!

Painted Stones with a Heart Motif for Valentine's Day
Paint smooth or polished stones to wear as jewelry or use as fridge magnets. Make a Valentine heart or two to say you love someone - or let your creativity pave the way. How about an Easter egg, or a daisy motif for spring, a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day or a bright sun with a "man in the moon" on the back for summer?

Things Needed:
Polished stones from a craft store, or smooth stones from your yard
Paint markers in the colours of your choice. For the hearts, we use red, white, pink and green.
Glitter glue pens (optional)
Fridge magnets or jewelry pins
Hot glue gun and glue sticks or strong craft glue

  • Select stones of a suitable shape for your project. You may use triangular stones as these are suitable to paint a heart. A round stone would suit a pumpkin design. Irregular shapes might be attractive painted with a bouquet of flowers. Watch for unique shapes that suggest birds, animals or other nature motifs.
  • Wash the stones in soap and water and dry thoroughly.
  • Paint the stone in the base colour and let dry.
  • You may also define the shape of your design, in this case, a Valentine heart, by outlining with dots or a solid line.
  • Use a paint pen to create your flower, picture or printed message ("Love" or "Be Mine") in a contrasting colour. Simple ideas, using bright contrasting colors, work very well for this project. Let dry.
  • Add glitter glue pen accents. Let dry.
  • Turn over the stone and use the glue gun or strong craft glue to attach a fridge magnet. Younger children must ask an adult to help before working with a glue gun.
  • A funky alternative would be to glue a jewelry pin on the back of your stone and wear it as cool Valentine's Day pin.
Paint Stitch Pillow with a Heart Motif
This pretty pillow for Valentine's Day will look like you spent hours cross-stitching!! Learn to paint stitch!

Things Needed:
A readymade pillow or make one yourself
Any kind of fabric paint (assorted colors of your choice)
Tassel lace (optional)

Method to make pillow:
If you wish to make your own pillow, take two square pieces of fabric (not white) and place right side together. Sew along three sides, with a 1/2 inch seam, and leave the last side open for turning. Turn right sides out and stuff the pillow. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Method to Paint Stitch:
  • Print out the pattern. Place the pattern in the center of your pillow and mark with transfer paper, putting letters for each color of square, so that you know where to place the paint.

  • Take a paint tube and shake down paint into the nozzle. Do a sample on a piece of paper towel. Just put a dot of paint on each letter. Let the pattern dry...and when it is finished it will look like you have spent hours cross-stitching Enjoy!
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