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Valentines Day in Germany

The Fervour of Valentine’s Day Celebration in Germany!

Many legends have been born on the land of Germany in various fields including philosophy and literature! To name some of them, we have Albert Einstein, Arthur Schopenhauer, Fredrick Nietzsche and Franz Kafka. All over the world, Germany ranks third in the terms of having international migrants on its land which is because of the rich cultural heritage of the country. Winters in Germany are mild while summers are comparatively cool. Temperature at times also exceeds 30 degree C. Germany has a nonpareil contribution in the field of Psychology and philosophy. The highly influential and heroic epic of polished human psychology had been presented by German scholars Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Sigmund Freud, Immanuel Kant and Gottfried Leibniz. Like many other countries Valentine’s Day in Germany is celebrated on 14th February but not with that fervour and enthusiasm. After World War II, Valentine’s Day has gained popularity.

Germany: Valentine’s Day Traditions

This land of bravery has bristling folklore. Germany has an assortment of narratives and tales related to love and bravery which is associated with the celebration of the day. According to books and beliefs there is one such story which reverberates the story of a peasant Duke Welf who led the revolt against King Conrad III who had a mammoth army which fought against Duke’s fighters as the result the team of the peasant found themselves in a blockade. The wife of the leader of the peasants, Lady Elizabeth pleaded the King to let her and the other ladies of the team to castle with whatever they were able to carry on their backs. And the King got fuddled to see that they are carrying their husbands on their back as and when the King permitted them for the same. It was Valentine’s Day when this incidence took place and so is considered as one story of love Germany has witnessed.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Germany!

It is believed that the people of Germany are unromantic and are more of prosaic kind; nevertheless the belief is not true, when it’s about the day of love, Valentine’s Day. The colour red will be seen all around the country with the arrival of the day as red is considered a symbol of love and passion. Like many other countries that involve them in presenting to their darlings bouquet of roses, this land of bravery also follow the custom by making roses an essential part of the V-day celebration. This ritual of gifting flowers is followed from a very older time and still even in the modern age the young couples follow this custom in order to entice their partners. Besides, silhouettes are another attraction for the people of Germany during the Valentine’s Day celebration and especially the kids are much into it. Children, on this day present to their teacher, mother, father and classmates heart shaped gifts which are in addition to that are coupled with messages of love. Germany too, like many other countries has a tradition of gifting basket of chocolates and candies. The shops and the stores in the market get filled with distinct Valentine’s Day gifts and these gifts are available in red and pink colour which is the attraction of the day. Youngsters gearing up to find gifts for their beloved also experiments with gifts like love maps and photo collage. Though the celebration of the day is not that loud like that of Brazil and America but is celebrated in an elegant and magnificent way.

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