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Valentines Day in Iceland

Valentine’s Day Celebration in Iceland!

Iceland or the Republic of Iceland, a European Island country is situated near the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s one of the technologically advanced and stable countries. The cultural extravaganza of the country is its cuisine, the poetry and the sagas associated with medieval Iceland. It’s been named among one of the world’s most developed and wealthiest nations. The largest city of the country is Reykjavik which is also the capital city of Iceland and the surrounding area of the city consists of the two thirds of the whole population of the country. In the Grist magazine, Reykjavik was named at the first position in the list of 15 most greenest cities. This city celebrates the many events such as Thorinn, food fun, music night and Prettadinn. Valentine is also one of the major celebrations of the country apart from the above mentioned. Its romantic scenic beauty, the perfect beaches and the boulevards makes it a perfect place for the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Tradition of valentine’s day Celebration in Iceland

Unlike many other Eastern developing countries and developed Western countries, Valentine’s Day in Iceland is celebrated with only nominal functions. But the tradition does not differ at all when it’s about flowers and is celebrated as a day for lovers in the country. As are flower needs sunshine to blossom in the same manner man cannot grow without love. And so, not to mention flowers are one of the great part of Valentine’s Day celebration. Red roses are one of those flowers which cannot be avoided when someone is gearing up to entice their love with Valentine’s Day gifts. Men form the great part of customers of flowers in the country. Many online portals also offer delivering attractive gifts and flowers in Iceland.

Beside flowers, Greeting cards are also an attraction for customers in Iceland. The shop corners in Iceland get flooded with Valentine’s Day card and flower much before the arrival of the festival. The cards are filled with variant colours and creative designs. The customers get enthralled particularly by the multi-coloured designs and the heart-warming messages printed therein. In the capital city of the county, Reykjavik, parties and dinners are organized on this day. Though candle light dinners in Iceland has been considered as a part of ancient culture yet it is yet much in fashion. There are various types of people in the country and apart from celebrating the occasion privately arranging for parties at home there are many who prefer going to pubs and lounges.

Some also go on turf house to observe the occasion and to add to the nostalgic mood. These turfs have been significant part of the country as till 20th century a lot of people in rural area lived on turf houses. Another way of wishing each that people deploy is sending to each other E-card which is a convenient and affordable way of greeting those who residing in far off place and it helps keep them connected. The younger generation of the country enjoy the day by exchanging more creative gifts including DVDs, Smart phones, CDs, photo story albums, personalized gifts and many more. Electronic gadgets are mostly bought by women as they are the one who gift them to the men as men finds gadget the best gift choice for them.

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