Hug Day - 12 Feb

Hug Day: The True Meaning of a Warm Hug

Hug day falls on 12th of February which is one of the days under valentine’s week. Hugging is indeed one of the best healing therapies. It symbolises love, passion, care and compassion. It can do wonders if the feeling is pure. There have been times when hugging often has cured many ailments be it a physical pain or an emotional pain. Even researches have proved with evident evidences that a deep hug full of love has the power to heal many diseases. And so to purify the relationships by removing the layer of resentment and guilt people must give their loved ones a compassionate and warm hug. The true essence of a hug has made it a part of the grand celebration of the valentine’s week.

Couples in love and married couples hug each other in various ways to show their love and affection on hug day. Hug day which is the seventh day of the valentine’s week after which kiss day is celebrated and then the big day which is the Valentines’ day. People on this day get a golden opportunity to exchange love with each other by sweet and simple gesture of a “hug”.

Here are some surprising benefits of a hug, which testifies that hugs are an important part of a relationship be it friends or romantic couples or father, mother etc.

Here are some surprising benefits of a hug, which testifies that hugs are an important part of a relationship be it friends or romantic couples or father, mother etc.

1. The physical connection that is established between people while hugging each other has the strength to encourage a sense of security, which is the result of an honest and open communication.

2. Hugs boost the level of oxytocin right away, which results in healing of negative feelings like isolation, loneliness, anger and many more.

3. The level of serotonin gets boosted by holding a hug for an extended period of time which further helps in making people happy and enhancing the mood.

4. it’s surprising that hugs can fortify our immune system by stimulating the thymus gland which further balances the production of white blood cells in the body and keeping people free from diseases and healthy.

5. Besides all this, hugs also help in enhancing ones self-esteem there by making them more confident and presentable. It can be testified by looking at all our past experiences right from the birth, the palpable sense of touch has kept on making people feel loved from ages. The cuddles that we have received from our parents in the process of growing up get imprinted on our mind and that gives rise to a sense of self-love in people.

So, never ever miss on the celebration of Hug Day and delight your partner with a tight and warm hug that can make them feel loved and special. Find some time together to make this day, a day worth remembering. On hug day people also exchange Hug Day gifts showing love and care, Besides, Hug day messages and whatsapp messages are also exchanged. Without wasting time people should plan out surprises to delight their partners to make them feel special.

Let them feel safe, by showing the magic of a hug! Happy Hug Day!!

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