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Significance of Various Days falling Under Valentine’s Week!

Lovers and couples are all set to welcome another week of love and togetherness. Within few days valentine week will knock the door. Also known as Saint Valentine, Valentine's Week is celebrated to strengthen the bond of love, the most beautiful feelings of the universe. Though, it is considered to be a day of romantic couples but people also show their love to their father, mother, and children on this day.

Valentine day is celebrated on 14th of February and the whole week of the day is known with some name and is celebrated to bring in the flavour of love in people’s life. Symbols of love like winged cupid showcasing erotic love, heart shaped gifts and various others are exchanged by lovers. Valentine week starts with Rose day and ends with Valentine’s Day, the most waited day of the week. So, surprise your partners with amazing valentine week gifts and make every day of this romatic week full of happiness and excitement.

Let’s find out about the importance of each of these days here:

Rose Day

The valentine’s week begins with Rose day when people give and receive roses, which has been considered to be a symbol of love from time immemorial. On this day youngsters plan to propose their crushes and girlfriends. It’s a great idea to plan a surprise for your sweethearts on this day.

Propose Day

This day is the second day of the Valentine’s week and it falls on 8th February. No day can be as better as propose day for proposing to your love! People propose their girlfriend/boyfriend for marriage or for bringing them in their lives. People who have been waiting for an opportunity to express their love to a girl of their dream in college or a girl next door or to the beautiful lady in the office they have been falling in love for last many days. This day give a chance and courage to make your proposal to the girl you want to be your girl for the rest of your life.

Chocolate Day

Chocolate day falls on third day of the Valentine’s week that is on 9th of February. This day is all about wooing your partner with delicious chocolates coupled with a beautiful Valentine’s card. Women are great lovers of chocolates and the day makes it a sure-fire means of pleasing your girl. The sweetness of chocolates will indubitably mollify the relationship.

Teddy Day

This day falls on 11th of February and on this people can show their love to their partner/wife or loved ones by sending them teddies symbolising love. Never forget tickling your girl with soft toys as they can keep your memory with her by her side every day.

Promise Day

Love does not only means proposing and spending time together; it comes with a lot of commitment and responsibilities. Propose day symbolises that commitment that people make to their love. People make new promises to fulfil the old promises so as to strengthen their relationships. The essence of love should lie in the fact that relationships are all about standing by your promises. The day is celebrated on 12th February.

Hug Day

This is the 5th day of the valentine’s week. This day gives a chance to all youngsters and married couples in love to express their hearty feeling by hugging each other. A hug can tell so much which you cannot be said by mammoth words!

Kiss Day

Sixth day of the Valentine’s week, Kiss day one of the most waited days of the week by most couples. They kiss each other passionately to express love lying in some corner of their heart.

Valentine Day

Finally the big day arrives on 14th February, when couples spend quality time together, partying, dining, and singing together. On this day people exchange gifts and spend the day together the way their partner has always dreamt for!

7 Feb to 21 Feb Days List

7 February: Rose Day

8 February: Propose Day

9 February: Chocolate Day

10 February: Teddy Day

11 February: Promise Day

12 February: Hug Day

13 February: Kiss Day

14 February: Valentine's Day

15 February: Slap Day

16 February: Kick Day

17 February: Perfume Day

18 February: Flirting Day

19 February: Confession Day

20 February: Missing Day

21 February: Break Up Day

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