Promise Day - 11 Feb

Promise Day: Promises That a Girl Want From Her Man

Promise day is one of the days of the Valentine’s week which falls on 11th of February. Couples make promises on this day to each other that can make their life beautiful and rejoicing. People should only make those promises which they can fulfil as making difficult promises and then not standing by those promises can ruin the relationship at the end. So, make easy promises that can be fulfilled, it can be the most romantic way of celebrating promise day.

Girls love when their man makes a list of promises and reads it to her wholeheartedly. They love to hear new promises and her boy promises her to do something new and different to bring smile on her face. The promise is usually made by gifting a bunch of red roses or a heart shaped gift or anything which can tell how much they care and love. Couples on promise day greet each other by sending hearty promise day SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook messages and emails.

People promise on this day to their partners to be in their lives for the rest of the life and love them dedicatedly and with loyalty as long as they will live. The day can be made a grand celebration by promising and gifting cute items wrapped in cover showing care and love. It is really important to pay heed to the fact that the promises are only true if they can be and they are fulfilled otherwise it can have an adverse effect on the relationship. Here is a precise list of promises that men must make to their girl on promises day:

Promise1. As and when you will need me, I will be there to help you under any circumstances, I promise, I will never leave you and you will never ever feel alone.

Promise2. At every phase of life, irrespective of what is going on in life, I will always keep you happy and share your pain.

Promise3. I will never cheat on you and will always be loyal and honest to our relationship.

Promise4. My love for you will keep on multiplying with each passing day. I will not promise you for a moon but I promise that you will be the moon of my life and will keep the wheels of my life moving in the shadow of that light.

Promise5. I Promise that I will keep my phone without any password because I have nothing to hide from you.

Promise6. Promise her to always reach the meeting venue before time, just not to miss a single moment of time spending together.

Promise7. Promise the girl that after every fight you will confess the mistake and coddle her.

Promise8. Promise her not to let the past meddle in the happiness of the present, and neither of the two will discuss about the past relations of each other.

Promise9. Boys must promise their lady love that that you will neither smoke nor drink in any case.

Promise10. Promise your partner that in no case you will forget important days of togetherness like birthdays, anniversary and alike.

This is a short list of promises that men must make to their lady love on the promise day, people can enlarge this list as per the priorities of their sweethearts.

Love is the celebration of life, so Promise her to love ever and forever!!

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