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Valentines Day Symbols

valentines day symbolsThere are several symbols attached to the romantic festival of Valentine's Day. The most commonly attached Valentine's Day Symbols include Roses, Hearts, Cupid, Lovebirds and Dove besides Love Knots and Laces. Each of these Valentine's Day Symbols has an interesting story about how they become attached with the festival. Over the years these symbols have become a part of the Valentine's Day Tradition. The present generation may not know the story behind these symbols but they surely recognize the festival with its traditional symbols.

Today, these Valentine's Day symbols adorn Valentine's Day Cards and decorations. Decorative and showpieces for Valentine's Day are also made keeping in mind these intrinsic symbols of Valentine's Day.

» Valentine's Day Roses
» Valentine's Day Hearts
» Cupid
» Lovebirds and Doves
» Love Knots
» Valentines Day Lace

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