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Valentines Day in Denmark

Every year Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February with extreme joy and verve. People particularly in the age group of 16-30 more actively participate in the festival's celebrations. Thus, Valentine's Day celebrations are considered more youth-centered in Denmark. Its time for loving by giving and receiving love tokens. People generally take off from their busy schedule to celebrate the festival of love with their sweetheart.

Danish Valentine's Day Traditions

Valentine's Day in Denmark is celebrated in a very conventional way. Some sweet and romantic traditional activities are associated with the festival's celebration. Youngsters take proper care to follow the traditions to have a successful and romance filled love life. The three most popular traditions of Valentine's Day are:

Lover's Card
The tradition of 'lover's card' is the most popular and romantic Valentine's Day custom in Denmark. Earlier, these cards came in the form of transparent cards which reflected the picture of a lover presenting his beloved a wonderful gift when it was kept in front of light. Now any card is called a Lover's Card. Every card shop is stocked up with colorful and musical lover's card with charming Valentine messages.

Custom of White Flowers
People celebrate the custom of White Flower with immense love and care. As per the tradition, people send white flowers called 'snowdrops' to their friends and lovers.

Tradition of Gaekkebrev
Young couples also write special love poems, beautiful romantic love notes and some funny poems known as 'gaekkebrev'. It is customary for the sender of gaekkebrev to pen down a rhyme for his beloved. He is not required to put his name on it. He signs the message with dots for the lady. Now, the girl who receives the card is supposed to guess the name of the sender. If she is able to guess the right name, then she is rewarded with an 'Easter Egg' on that very year.

Valentine's Day Celebrations in Denmark

Valentine's Day is celebrated with great parties and get togethers all over Denmark. Different flowers, gifts and cards are sent across the world to the near and dear ones. In Denmark, various Valentine events take place such as musical concerts, display shows, game shows and art exhibitions take place. People book party halls and restaurants for the celebration with their Valentine. Some people love to visit the Little Mermaid, Den Lille Havfure in Copenhagen and the famous Tivoli amusement park specially on Valentine's Day while some plan special Valentine at an appealing holiday spot.

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