Valentines Day in Brazil

How People Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Brazil?

People in Brazil celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging flowers, jewellery, chocolates and gifts in various sizes and shapes with each other. The Valentine’s Day falls on 14th of February all around the world. In most part of the world this day is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day and people of Brazil love being with people they love and admire on this day.

Countries like Brazil and America has attracted tourists from around the world for last many years. Brazil is considered to be the largest country and is the only one country of Latin America where people speak Portugal. Until its independence in 1822, it was believed that this country was a colony of Portugal. Now in the modern day, Brazil is considered to be tenth largest country in terms of GDP all around the world.

A renowned Brazilian advertiser once created an advertisement featuring the saying, not only kisses prove your love. And, the people of Brazil since then celebrate Valentine’s Day with the same state of mind. People of Brazil consider this day as the day of people in Love and they exchange cards and gifts with their loved ones in different ways.

Though the festival is observed all across the world on 14th February, the people of Brazil celebrate Dia dos Namorados in lien of Valentine’s Day on June 12. In Brazil this festival has a special significance and is considered to be a major event of the year. All genres of people including adults and kids get involved in the celebration. People love spending time with family, friends and relatives. Special parties are thrown and meals are cooked at the family gathering. This place is indeed one of the best romantic locations for couples much in love with each other. In Brazil almost every festive occasion is celebrated in a grand way. So one can imagine how much zeal the festival of Valentine creates in the hearts of the young lovers.

The celebration of Valentine in Brazil is not less than any mammoth social event. People from various ethnic groups from various parts of the country gather together display various cultural events. Much before this mega day, the preparations kicks off, concerts and rock shows are organized, the roads get lit up with vibrant lights. Music and dance are some integral parts of the celebration and people can get to experience various flavours of dance and music which may include colourful samba dance, folk music and many more.

The night life of Brazil during valentine is extraordinarily amazing! Most of the discotheques and pubs are opened till the whole night. Besides that, one more crucial part of the celebration is exchanging gifts in the form of decors, cards, flowers, chocolates and other items which can express love to the partners. So, spending time with your love in this beautiful part of the world on valentine will be a beautiful experience. People can submerge themselves in true emotions of love by planning a trip to Brazil on Valentine’s Day.

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