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Valentines Day Sayings

Some Really heart-touching Valentine’s Day Sayings!!

Valentine’s day which is also known with the name saint valentine’s day is a celebration of love when young couples much in love express their heartiest feelings to each other by various methods like valentine’s day sayings and valentine’s day gifts. People make plans so that they can make this day romantic and memorable for their sweethearts. Those who are looking out for Valentine’s Day sayings and wishes can search enticing Valentine’s Day sayings for him/her online.

Let’s discover a perfect way to say your love, how much you care with theses really heart touching Valentine’s Day sayings:

  1. You came in my life and I knew what happiness is,
    You became my light and I knew what brightness is,
    You hugged me tight and I knew being in Love is,
    I want to confess to that all that own,
    All the love, joy and merriment,
    It’s only because of you and only you!!
  2. I am not that good when it comes to writing,
    But whatever I can say today is,
    I Love You, my Love!!
  3. My mind thinks about you when I go to bed,
    My heart feels your presence when I wake in the morning,
    You are the last light that I can visualise when i close my eyes at night,
    Hey, my Love, keep being that light forever,
    Because you are the only delight of my life!!
  4. Love exited before you & me came,
    It resisted all my pain,
    Though, it seems like a mystery,
    But, I know only you can complete my chemistry!!
  5. I don’t want a silver or a gold,
    I just want you to hold,
    When I get old,
    Love is the only thing which can’t be purchased or sold,
    Sweetheart love me always, like you do today!!
  6. Wherever you go whatever you do,
    I promise to you,
    That I will always love you”
  7. It may be that you are not in front of my eyes,
    It may be that I can’t reach you today,
    But you are never out of my heart and mind,
    I may not be that special to you,
    You will always be my special someone!!
  8. I can’t imagine anybody else but you,
    I want you to be with me,
    For the rest of my life,
    I want to grow old with you and see you grow old,
    I Love You!!
  9. It seems like a magic that happened in life,
    When your sweet voice touched my Herat and soul,
    You are the magic wand,
    That had made the celebration of my life grand,
    Always be here all around my heart,
    Love you!!
  10. Words can’t express what my heart desire,
    Words can’t tell that you are the fire,
    My love for you is divine,
    Sweetheart, will you be my Valentine!!
  11. My eyes are looking out to see you always,
    My ears are eager to hear you always,
    My nose always searches for the fragrance that your presence spreads,
    Believe me, nobody was there and nobody will be there after you came in my life,
    I can imagine only you as my wife!!

These are some really touchy and heartfelt Valentine’s Day messages which people can send to their love and express their hearts to them.

Love is the most powerful energy that has ever existed! So, Love, Believe and Express!!

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