Teddy Day

Teddy Day: A Day to Delight the Lady with a Cute Teddy!

Teddy bear is an emblem of cuteness and incorruptibility and it helps in symbolising the tenderness of the heart which is always in the search of love and affection. Teddy day is celebrated mostly by young couples who have started experiencing the purest feeling of the Universe that is “LOVE”. It is celebrated on fourth day of the valentine’s week and it falls on 10th of February. Some of the old and married couples also celebrate this day by exchanging teddies.

On this day beautiful teddies are gifted to the loved ones as a symbol of love. People also share lovely and hearty teddy messages and SMS on teddy day to wish their neighbours, family, friends, girlfriend and boyfriend. People wish each other through various platforms like by sending text messages, emails, whatssapp messages and various other. Theses teddy day messages often include a picture of soft and cute teddy which brings in cuteness and innocence in the relationship and rejuvenates the faith that one has developed into the relationship over the years. Some of the hearts touching teddy day messages are:

  • You always reside at the deepest corners of my heart.
  • I want to be in your life so that I can make you feel like a soft and delicate teddy which is dear to everyone.
  • You flow throughout my body all day long just like blood flows in the body to keep us alive.
  • Keep this thread of love between you and me as soft as this teddy.

Girls particularly are lured by receiving a teddy on theis day or any special day of their life, so what if the day itself is a teddy day? Boys and boyfriend wander around crazily finding the suitable shop offering the best teddy with love messages they can convey to their girl without saying anything. There is special place for teddies in the heart of a girl irrespective of the age group she belongs to.

How is teddy Day Celebrated?

Couples start this day by sending and receiving lovely teddy day gifts followed by partying and exchanging teddies and ending up proposing and saying I LOVE YOU to their partners. People send cute teddies to their wife, friends, spouse and friends online if they are located at some far-off place. Teddies are most liked by girls, children and women and so male friends or boyfriends and husbands gift it to their partners across the world. Some also decorate their rooms with a number of beautiful teddies to surprise their sweetheart which instead of making the person happy also create sweet memories. Teddies being sweet and cute have the power to placate the anger and make a positive difference to ones mood.

Even though, teddies are not real they do not have a real voice or a real heart and are just stuffed and prepared but they are still full of love and affection. They say everything that people in love want to say to their partners without the use of words and make them happy by freshening up their moods. Some people are in love with teddies so much so that they cannot imagine their bedrooms without teddies.

Make yourself ready to receive the best teddy!

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