Feng Shui Love Tips

Feng Shui - the Chinese art of positioning objects in buildings to encourage entry of positive energy has appeared as a popular art to bring changes to normal life. Today, it is a widely used to recreate new life, smoothen relationships, balance daily life and bring energy to the house. Besides, Feng Shui is said to help in activating romance, luck and love filled life. In the present age when relationship break for no reasons, people are increasingly taking help of Feng Shui masters to improve their love life and infuse passion in their relationships. Feng Shui tricks are said to have helped love seeking couples across the world.

Feng Shui Love Guide

Here are some widely believed Feng Shui tips to activate romance in your sluggish relationship:

  • Don't sleep facing the door as it is supposed to cause problems in the relationships.
  • The most important of the house is the south-west section to improve marital and love relationships. Decorate this area with stones or small rocks.
  • You can also hang some beautiful pictures of a mountain with water features on it.
  • Those who are single and looking for someone special then they must hang a painting of peonies (Chinese flower of love). The best can be to display items or images that represent opposite sex.
  • A room should always be free from all the cluttered things as it gives more way to positive energies. So, fold your sleeves to clean the room and bring romance in your life.
  • Avoid working out in your bedroom as it represents hard work which can easily hinder your romance space.
  • Your bedroom doors should always open easily because squeaky or partly opened doors block the romantic energy entering the room.
  • All the obstructing material in the path to the room should be cleared out. Also, make sure no fused lights along this route are replaced.
  • Hang out pictures indicating love like pair of birds, silk flowers etc or a round mirror. These hangings depict an unwinding love and trust for each other. Place these image on the wall facing your feet or the wall which you first see while entering the room.
  • Place the bed in a position so that there is equal space around it as the person sleeping against the wall may feel disempowered in their love relationship.
  • Don't keep a television in the room.
  • A room should have a cozy and close seating arrangement. Chairs or sofas must be put at comfortable angles.
  • The room should be properly ventilated so that all old energy gets enough space to move out of the room.
  • If a toilet is located on the south-west corner of the room then it is will surely hinder your love life. The best way is to hang a five-rod wind chime to get rid off this problem.
  • Place an indoor water fountain in the south-west corner of the house. It will surely encourage the relationship.
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