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Valentines Day in Spain

Spain: Valentine’s Day Celebration and its Relevance!

Spain is one of the most amorous destinations of the world and it has many such exotic places and breathtaking natural scenes where people can spend some really quality time with their partners. And its quiet obvious that the festival of Love that is valentine is celebrated with utmost gusto in Spain which in itself is a celebration of Love. It is known that this festival of love was observed in Spain much after it came into being yet the vehemence with which people celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spain in quiet conspicuous! Through the festive moods and the preparations for the celebration make people forget the real essence of the festival.

Let’s find out more about the traditions and customs that the people of Spain follow during the Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day in Spain!

The spectacular and stylish celebration coupled with the spirit of love all around the country and the fervour for the party is all that defines Valentine’s Day celebration in Spain. People start the preparations in advance for an elaborated arrangement so that they can welcome the season of love with all their heart and soul. People who like gifting their partners something special on this to show their love begin taking rounds of the many gifting shop corners. The markets and shops get crowded with handmade clothes for women and men. People try their best to find the best suitable attire for themselves so as to impress their sweethearts. Not only the teenage couples who are excited for the festival, even the married and the adult couples take equal part in the festival celebration. Valentine’s Day celebration takes place in Spain as an epitome of love towards once partner.

Traditions of Valentine in Spain!

Irrespective of the age, caste, creed and race, everyone unite together on this day to make it a grand one. They exchange gifts and other tokens of love with each other and in that way the Spanish people leave stone unturned to make their partner feel loved and pampered. Bright colourful flowers, different chocolates in heart shape and other tokens of love, people present to their beloved. Besides that, special candlelight dinners and special outings to various romantic places are also organized.

It is believed that the people of Spain are very sensitive when it comes to love, and they will do everything possible to woo their partners no matter what. Couples spend the entire day in the company of their partner, talking and sharing each other’s past and present so as to build a bright future together. Different people enjoy the day in their own way which depends on the taste and mood of the person. While some enjoy the day being with their partners at a private location, pampering each other, some spend their day with their partners at discotheques and clubs. Irrespective of the way people celebrate this day of love, each of them have only one motive of pampering their sweethearts on this day.

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