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Valentine's Day in Chile

Experiencing the Charm of Valentine’s Day Celebration in Chile!

Anyone who visits this place in Chile, the South American country is taken aback by the intense aura of romance and love. The literature and the art of this place also represent the magnificence of the region and its people. This place has a deep sense of appreciation for subtle things of life including movies, music and various other art works. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February in Chile as is celebrated in various other parts of the world. In earlier time this festival of love was celebrated to honour Christian Martyr o love and romance but in the high Middle Ages people started celebrating it as courtly love all over Europe and the other surrounding areas. Gradually it got more popularity in distinct other parts of the world. In the recent times valentine has become the most favourite festival of the youth as this is one time when people can woo their partner.

Tradition of valentine Day in Chile

The life of Chile has Multi-cuisine and cultural events are an important part of Chile. Chile is a place which is one of the most romantic destinations for people who are much in love and from various parts of the world people come to this place for celebrating their day of love. This place has an assortment of scenes and sights which people can go with their dream partners and make their love flourish. Talk about the hill station of the Santiago or the experience of cruising through the amazingly wonderful beach of Pichidangu, every experience of the place is worth visiting while someone is planning for a vibrant Valentine’s Day celebration. Not only the scenic beauty of the country attracts tourist from around the world but the customs and traditions of the place are also very alluring part of the beauty of the place. One of the most unique traditions of the place is of smooching contest which you will hardly get to experience anywhere in world.

On the day of Valentine, stalls, shopping complexes and the lanes get embellished with vibrant colours all around and the night clubs and discotheques are packed up with lovers of party so as to make the celebration of the occasion a grand one. One can get to notice the festivity’s air wafting out through each house and every corner of the country. Besides that, preparing special mouth-watering and sumptuous dishes of the place is another way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Chile. Some of the specific cuisines of the place that people of Chile mostly prefer to prepare include Cazuela, Pastel de choclo and the most popular of all is Mote con Huesillo which is a dessert and is peculiar in every household of the country during Valentine’s Day celebration.


Exchanging gifts is another tradition of Valentine’s Day celebration and people usually observe this day by exchanging chocolates, decors and heart warming Valentine’s Day card. In addition to that people also decorate their houses both interior and exterior with lightings and various other items of decoration. People usually use handcrafts, balloons, streamers and other decoration items. In all parts of the country concerts are organized and people go to different places to take pleasure of the day with their loved ones. Many restaurants and commercial centres offer packages for customers so that people can enjoy the day to the maximum.

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