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Symbolising Romance on Valentines Day

Posted on : 15th Oct 2019

Valentines day or St. Valentines day falls on February 14 every year. This is one of the most awaited days among all occasions that celebrate relationships. Since, this involves one of the most beautiful and intriguing of all human emotions, love. It is because of this fact alone that Valentine's day has mysterious yet alluring undertone to it. There are many things that build up on this fascination that we have with such aspects of love and Valentines day.

Books on Romance

Since forever people have used the written word to describe the feelings of love and romance. This has been put across to the readers through prose and poetry presented through books. Though, these days books are losing its connect with todays' people. But, there are those people who are still in love with reading books. In fact this is one medium which has undergone a lot of change in the recent past also with the introduction of e-books. Books are a beautiful expression of love and thus can be alternately used as the perfect Valentine day gifts for someone who is in love with love and with books.

Romantic Movies

The concept of movies and films was introduced only about a century back but has caught up fast with the audience at large. This is a medium that involves the most important senses in us humans, sight and sound. Movies have the power to transport us to fantasy from reality. The most popular genre among movies is of romance. And the reason for the same is very obvious. After all, people love seeing others on film living the life of love and positivity.

Romantic Music

The basis of all creativity is the range of human emotions. Music too has not lost out on this inspiration. Anyone associated with music, whether a composer or a musician or a singer is a lover at heart. He/She who is an admirer or lover of music associates it with feelings and emotions too. Music is poetry in action, and has always been inspired by the various facets of love as well as the other emotions of human nature. Romantic music makes for a great accompaniment as a Valentines day gift and is responsible for creating the atmosphere in a evening planned around the theme of love.

Couples in Love

Love is in togetherness, it is in companionship and friendship. Couples are symbolic of love since lovers have been universally understood to be in pairs. Thus, everything that is associated with love recognises these aspects in their totality. From Valentines day gifts to all the symbols of love have been created keeping this fact in mind. The love message itself says, 'I Love You' which clearly implies the presence of more than one in a love association.

This was a detailed overview of all those facets of love that associate love with romance. After all, Valentine's day has been primarily known for the romance that is brought to life on this day.

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Symbolising Romance on Valentines Day
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