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Valentines Day in Singapore

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Singapore?

From last many centuries the Singapore, which has been witnessing many cultural invasions is considered to be one of the most multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan countries of the world. It is considered to be the centre for cultural and arts activities which are reflected in the manner in which various occasions and festivals are celebrated here. People of Singapore celebrate every occasion with a fresh zeal and happiness.

Since this part of the world has a great influence of music, art, cuisine and has a great history of romance, people of the country celebrate Valentine day with same glory and pomp. On Valentine’s Day, the air all around gets filled with fun, love and romance. A wide variety of concerts and events are lined up to entertain people and create the blend of love and fun to allure people from different parts of the world. People get out with family and friends to feel the energy and excitement in the air. Preparations for the celebration get started months before and concerts and carnivals are arranged and that turns the whole occasion into a mega event.

Here is a glimpse of how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Singapore:

With utmost zeal and fervour people of Singapore celebrate the festival of Love to give respect to the spirit of the great priest St. Valentine. The Chinese New Year also coincides with the celebration of this festival. According to a custom, on fifteenth day of the festival, unmarried girls gather near the great Singapore River to pray t the almighty for their perfect soul mate. Under the darkness of the night women, in the hope of finding their perfect life partner throw into the river mandarin oranges. Many people also go out for having fun and they try different adventure sports like bungee jump, boat racing and many such.

The people of Singapore regard this day as an auspicious day and they believe that, if they get married on this day, it will bring more of love and charm in their relationship. You will commonly find people at social gatherings and at weddings on this day. On the other hand the younger generation could be found on this day in pubs and discotheques. All the genre of people including the older generation celebrates this day in their own way and they participate in glittering night shows.

Valentine’s Day is grand celebration in Singapore and is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride of never ending enjoyment and fun. Like many other countries one way of saying I Love You to ones love partner is by gifting him/her a bunch of lovely flowers as flowers have a close connection with romance and love. People use different coloured flowers for conveying different feelings and when it’s about expressing love to ones beloved, people of Singapore use red coloured flowers.

Besides that, people in Singapore exchange greeting cards with their loved ones to say how much they care. The cards are accompanied with romantic and sweet messages which can create the charm in the relationship.

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