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Valentines Love Stories

Some Inspirational Valentines Love Stories that taught Us Love!!

Love is considered to be most powerful energy that have every existed till date! But the irony is that most of the love couples were never able to complete their love stories and live happily ever after. Nevertheless, even today people give their example when it comes to love. Their love stories have been written in golden letters in the Indian history and the history of the mankind. These love stories are the testimony to the essence of love. These stories make us believe love is indeed immortal provided it is pure. Even though people in love die but their love stories never die. They remain forever and inspire many people who are gearing for their love.

Some of these unique and touching stories of the love couples are that of Pyramus-Thisbe, salim-Anarkali, Antony-Cleopatram, laila-majnu and many more. Their stories give people the massage that we should not be afraid falling in love and should be ready to give the biggest of the sacrifice for our love. Let’s get a little deeper into their love lives of some of these couples:

Antony and Cleopatra

Shakespeare, the great story teller, specifically the love stories, penned down the story of this great love couple. It’s indeed a story which the couples should be aware and get inspired from. In the end both of them died after trying hard to have a life together. After getting the message that Cleopatra had died, Antony kills himself finding the life worthless without his love, even though the news was not a true one. He dies in Cleopatra’s arms; consequently she commits suicide by bringing some poisonous snakes to bite her. Both of them in the end were buried together and then their love story remained forever.

Laila and Majnu

This eternal love story like many other had a tragic end. This love couple sacrificed their love gave up their life because they could not be together. Laila belonged to an affluent family and so she w as supposed to marry a rich guy so that she could live in grandeur. But fate had some different plans for her and she fell in love with a poor lad. Both of them were prohibited from seeing each other and then laila’s parents married into a rich family. She could not resist being separated from Majnu and consequently she committed suicide. This was unbearable for Majnu and he killed himself on the grave of Laila. Right from that time their love remained in sayings and story books. Their love story was such that the charm of their story will remain as long as the universe exists.

Youngsters much in love often compare their love with these love stories. People call them by names of the famous love coupes like Laila Majnu, Heer Ranjha and alike. Love has the power to conquer the world! Without a second thought these couples gave their lives if the world did not allow them to live happily. It’s really not easy to sacrifice your life for somebody and those who understand love can only do that. It sends shivers down our spine if we hear about the hardships they faced just to be with each other. People often live together but there are only few who can die together. It gives them pleasure that if they could not live together at least they have the liberty to die together.

Love! Desire! Inspire! This is the core of a happy life!!

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