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Valentines Day Drinks

Valentine’s Day Drinks recipes For a Fabulous Celebration!!

Irrespective of the kind of planning one has done for the V-day celebration, it is imperative to put some most loved drinks of Valentine’s Day. It will set the mood of both of the partners for the impending party. What one looks for a Valentine’s Day cocktail? The most important thing that matters is that the person for which it has been made likes it! Moreover adding some flamboyant pink, violet or red colour to the drink makes it even more unique. Here is a precise list of some of the most loved and seductive drinks recipes.

Long Goodnight

This will for sure shake up the love between the love birds!

  • One oz strawberry vodka
  • Half oz vanilla vodka
  • Half oz Godiva white chocolate

Take few pieces of ice and strain all the ingredients into a martini glass.

Raspberry Chocolate love
  • Four Raspberries
  • Three fourth lemon juice
  • One fourth Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
  • One part level vodka
  • Chocolate Sauce

Shake Raspberries, Level vodka, Lemon Juice, Sugar syrup and Chambord Raspberry Liqueur with few pieces of ice. Now take a rock glass with chocolate sauce in the bottom and strain the mixture. Now the drink is ready to be garnished with Raspberries filled with chocolate.

Heart-Shaped World Ingredients:
  • One and a half Level Vodka
  • One and a fourth part maple Syrup
  • Two dash Bitter Peach
  • One fourth parts Parfait Amour
  • Half part Orange juice (should be freshly squeezed)

Take a rock glass and shake all the ingredients with ice strained over the glass. Now it can be garnished with colourful hearts and strawberry.

Lovely Pearl Ingredients:
  • One and half parts Peach Puree
  • One part Lime juice
  • Half part apple juice
  • One parts Absolut Pears Vodka
  • One part grape Juice

Strain and shake all the ingredients in a martini glass and garnish it with pearl slices.

Drambuie Cupid’s Bow Ingredients:
  • Ten drops of Ardneg scotch
  • Lemon Twist
  • Two oz. Lillet
  • Ten drops of Rosewater
  • One oz. Drumbuie

Mix all the ingredients in a rock glass! Stir the mixture gently after pouring a big piece of ice into it. Now decorate the drink with a lemon twist.

Raspberry Rose Royal Ingredients:
  • Half oz. Sugar syrup
  • Champagne
  • One oz. Hendrick’s gin
  • One fresh strawberry

Take a cocktail shaker and mix sugar, raspberry and gin and shake them all gently. After shaking three times strain in a flute. Now top with champagne.

Death by chocolate

This is the most perfect drink for those who love chocolates! It will for sure kill ones craving fro chocolate.

  • One oz. Coffee liqueur
  • One cup crushed ice
  • Two scoops chocolate ice cream
  • One oz. Vodka
  • One oz. Chocolate syrup
  • One oz. Cacao liqueur, dark cream
  • Maraschino cherry for decorating
  • Whipped cream for the purpose of topping

Take a blender and pour all the ingredients into it. Mix them all till it becomes smooth. Now pour the mixture into a hurricane glass. Top it with whipped cream and decorate with maraschino cherry.
These are some really Valentine’s Day drinks recipes to melt down your sweetheart’s heart!!

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