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Propose Day - 8 Feb

Propose Day: A Day to Make Promises for a Lovely Life Together

Propose day, the second day of the Valentine’s week is celebrated by making promises to the love of our life for a life which is full of love, care, faith, for each other. The valentine’s week starts from 7th of February and lasts till 14th of February. Propose day falls on 8th of February every week which is the second day of the Valentine’s week. On this day boyfriend/girlfriends/husbands/wives make promises to their partners by giving them roses or any other propose day gifting ideas.

People can break that barrier of fear and develop courage and utter to the partner those really iconic words in the most romantic way on the propose day which comes on 8th February. This day comes with giving a boost to the love birds falling in love with each passing day. People can express their deepest feeling to their loved ones and make promises to keep the love flourishing every day.

People can reveal to the love of their life their deep-heart feelings with some really touching and beautiful propose day gifts. On the propose day people can gift their partners a range of items from Love gift hampers to delicious chocolates hampers to big and personalised coffee mugs and many more. With these gifts people will no longer have to keep hiding their burning desire to express love and affection.

In addition to gifts the day can be made even more delightful with some really earnest propose day gift ideas which your partner will love:

  • Watch a romantic movie together at a private place, a movie which tells the essence of making promises to your partner.
  • For those who are at far-off place to each other can send a care package filled with items which are red in colour with a list consisting of promises for the partner.
  • A more interesting Propose day idea could be preparing a meal consisting of various symbols of love. For instance one can write “I Love You” or “I cannot promise you the moon but I Promise you make you the moon of my life” or people can also prepare a dish which can be made in the shape of a heart with a list of promises attached to it.
  • For married couple who want to fall in love once again can make a jar full of candies, each candy making one promise like I will always support you and your ideas or I am so blessed to have married to a person like you and alike.
  • Those who can write can write something very interesting and romantic poem for their partner and write it on a beautiful card and send it to the person who has made your life beautiful.
  • Take some note cards and write on each card one reason which makes to fall in love with the person. Now insert theses small note cards in a photo album and gift it to the person you love.

These are some of the wonderful promise day ideas which can make this day special for couples and they will create memories for life they can rejoice.

Promise to accomplish the promises!

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