Vastu Love Tips

Vastu tips have not only created wonders in interior decorations, careers, business, money but largely in love and married of people also. To be successful and do wonders in their love life many people are following various Vastu tips. People get all the solutions to their problems and the best possible ways to work out happily ever after.

Tips to Enhance your Love Life

If you feel your soul mate turning stalemate or you smell your relation lacking romantic spark then are some useful Vastu tips to rekindle love in your relationship:

  • To maintain peace in life, bedroom should be constructed in the south-west direction.
  • Get your room painted with light green, light rose or blue color to give a soothing effect. Hang pictures depicting ocean in your room.
  • Spread white or light colored sheets with flowery designs on it. Pink or red colored sheets are good for people looking forward to marriage.
  • A bedroom should always be in a square or rectangle in order to ensure peace and love in life.
  • Don't let any part of you body face mirror in the room if there is one.
  • Make sure you sleep pointing towards South corner.
  • It is truly said colors play a major role in various aspects of life. Similarly, colors are meant to fill romance in your love life as well. According to Vastu, wearing RED color brings in the lost love and enhances the sexual life as well. The color PINK helps to cool down the temper. PURPLE is the one which helps to create an aura of romance. The color possess the most unpredictable and passionate characteristics. ORANGE symbolises purity and Blues as taken from the vast ocean is also a symbol of love. Try and surround yourself with these magnificent love colors.
  • To sponge out the sluggish love life and to bring light to the relationship, increase the amount of light entering the house. Make your house lit until and unless you are ready to go off for sleep.
  • To increase the power of love then you must decorate your house with beautiful crystals items. Crystal helps to attract light. Thus, giving light to the relationship.
  • When you are trying to add romance to your love life then, things around you should be of great concern. Don't clutter your surroundings with unnecessary material. For a good and healthy relationship, special attention should be paid to the cluttered things as it would restrict the flow of love.
  • All the things which are sign of love must be kept clean and afresh in your bedroom. A dusty object means dust on the relationship.
  • Avoid placing idols of God in the bedroom.
  • Positive energies can flow when you keep objects and furniture symbolizing love. It should be attractive. Example: a heart shaped clock or a red colored couch.
  • Start your day with calm activities. Always keep the most romantic area of your house attractive.
  • If possible, scribble all the positive thoughts of your love life in a personal diary.
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