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Valentines Day in Mexico

All You Need to Know about Valentine’s Day Celebration in Mexico!

This day of love will knock your door before you even know it! 14th January is the time when the Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Mexico. Most of us enjoy those special arrangements that we do to commemorate this day. When the V-Day is up and about, many of us look for ideas the unique and the usual ones to make the day a grand one.

If you are still gearing up to find different ideas to create a difference to your V-Day celebration which will set you apart from the crowd then here’s how you can do it! Though the roots of Valentine’s Day come from Europe, almost the whole world including Mexico has adopted it will all the heart and soul. Nevertheless different countries have their own way of celebration traditions and customs and so do Mexico has! In Mexico Valentine’s Day is commonly referred to as El Día del Amor y la Amistad which means the day of friendship and love.

Like various other countries in Mexico too it is considered as a day of romance and love but in addition to that people also celebrate their camaraderie and friendship on this day. Mexicans believe in celebrating love as a whole for everything that it brings to life. Much before the month of January has ended, the shops and the streets start getting decorated with hearts and cupids and the atmosphere gets filled with love and romance. Restaurants and shops get started with bringing in new items of Valentine’s Day decoration. Anywhere you turn your face you would get to notice heart shaped balloons, flowers and other gift items. In most of the locations in Mexico the price of valentine Themed products gets skyrocketing right from the New Year till the time the V-Day is over. One aspect in which the Valentine’s Day celebration in Mexico is different is that here people not only give gifts to their romantic partners rather they also greet their family and friends with gifts and presents.

A true Mexican celebration style includes appreciating the significance of presence of all those people close to you. People with their loved ones go to cantina & Ixtapa Grill to have dinner. Be it the couples or a group of some close friends or a family gathering, people dine out together. Many foreigners who have been to Mexico define the celebration here in Mexico festive, warm and generous. Not only are the people here known for their willingness to show love and affection to their loved ones. Although celebration of valentine’s is no connection with history of Mexico yet love is the cause that makes people of the county to observe this day with utmost fervour and zeal. There were two deities in Mexico Xochiquetzal and Xochipilli who have been considered as the emblem of love.

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