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Valentines Day Desserts

Desserts recipes for Valentine’s Day!

Caring and pampering are the most important part of Valentine’s Day celebration. And when it’s such a big occasion for the love couples, there can’t be any other better way of telling your sweetheart your innermost feeling than by offering him/her some mouth-watering desserts. You can bank upon some really easy recipes for Valentine’s Day. Find some time to learn some really delicious sweets recipes to surprise your sweetheart and express your love in an utterly inimitable way!

It will be a great idea to begin with the easiest one which may include Chocolate covered strawberries which has the power to delight your sweetheart in an entirely new way and create an atmosphere of romance and sensuality all around. The other one, which is a must have on your list is Cherry Pie! Besides that, Almond Sauce is something which will surely tempt your lover and make her fall for you once again.

On the top of that if someone wants to take their culinary skills to a further new level, then lack Russian is very delightful option which is not only good to the taste buds but also to make! Not only the cake could be made in the usual normal shape but people can try different options to give it a shape as per their will, for instance it may be made in the shape of a heart. Alternatively you can also write some really heart touching message on the cake for your partner which will for sure melt down his/her heart and give birth to more love in his/her heart for you.

Here are some really amazing recipes for Valentine’s Day desserts by which you can astound your sweet heart and show him/her your cooking skills!!

Chocolate Almond Sauce Ingredients
  • Half table spoon Vanilla
  • One and a half cup unsalted butter
  • One cup sugar
  • One-eighth table spoon Kosher salt
  • Two ounces of unsweetened chocolate
  • Half Cup roasted almonds
  • One-eighth table spoon Almond extract
  • Mix together the butter and the chocolate together until the mixture becomes uniform and then mix sugar as per your taste. Pour the mixture into heated water and whip it till the time the mixture melts and becomes uniform.
  • Now remove it from heat and stir gently by putting into cream and salt. Stir it only in one direction following a regular patter.
  • Now the resulting soft and creamy paste that you will get in the previous step should be put over heat and blended evenly. After sometimes remove the mixture from heat and blend it in vanilla and then decorate it with almonds and almond extracts.

Now the dessert is ready you can serve it your sweetheart with a bunch of red roses to tell him/her that how much you care! Ostensibly, you will be able to say whatever you wanted to!!

Cherry Pie Ingredients:
  • Two tsp Margarine and butter
  • One Cup course sugar
  • Half tsp Almond extract
  • Three cups tart frozen cherries
  • Two tsp tapioca
  • Two crust pie pastry
  • Blend sugar, cherries, almond extracts and tapioca together and let it stand for 15 minutes.
  • Now put the blend thus obtained in a 9-inch pie plate which is lined with pastry and out some butter on to the mixture. Heat it in oven at 400 Fahrenheit until it is cooked properly and the crust starts turning golden brown.
  • Now you can decorate in your desired way.
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