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Valentines Day in Austria

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Austria?

Austria is the one country which gave birth to the music masters Mozart and Beethoven. Austria is mostly known for the kind of food habit it has and the breathtaking mountains and its really soothing music. This county is a famous spot for many of the Bollywood directors and many Indian movies have been shot in the famous Alps Mountains.

Because, the country shares with Germany many historical events, in most place of the country people speak German. Though German is one of the official languages of Austria, some other languages spoken include Slovene, Hungarian and Croatian. The biggest city of Austria is Vienna and is also the capital of the country.

Austria is one such country where Valentine’s Day is celebrated with zeal and in much colourful way. It is also one of the richest countries of the world. The mountain terrain of country also makes Alpine skiing one of the most famous games of the country. The people of Austria celebrate this day in remembrance of Saint Valentine and they exchange warm messages of love with their beloved on 14th of February.

Austria: Valentine’s Day traditions

Same as all Valentine’s Day celebration traditions in other developed countries, Austria also enjoys the same way of celebrating Valentine. Most of the hotels in Austria offer grand Valentine’s Day celebration with a fairytale ball throw and dance waltz. The attractive building of Vienna Stadpark which is called as the renaissance building of the city is the place where Valentine’s Day celebration takes place. This building is also called ‘Wiener kursalon’ and here dancing with some popular contemporary music occurs. Like many other countries, the people of Austria also celebrate this day by sending greeting cards, gift baskets and flower bouquets to their family friends and most importantly to the love of their life!

One of the must and common trend of Valentine’s Day celebration in Austria include gifting red flowers to your partner. Since the ancient times, roses have been considered as a token of love and so it becomes customary to include red roses during the celebration of Valentine’s Day. People gift each other with beautiful and lovely red flowers in Austria on Valentine’s Day. Most of the valentine’s Flowers bouquet is made of red roses and red tulips that people exchange with their lovers in Austria. Chocolates and candies are also the attraction of valentine’s celebration in Austria. Women of Austria give candies and chocolates to their love on Valentine’s Day. Most people here prefer making candies and chocolate at home than buying from stores. Besides that, in Austria on various places musical concert takes place on Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day various musical concerts are organized and musical bands and many musical groups come to the city and spread the music of love in the capital city of Austria. Most restaurants offer romantic dinner along with some romantic music playing in the background. They make special arrangements for Valentine’s Day celebration and are decorated to create that atmosphere of love with heart shaped balloons and bright lights and the food menu on this day include exotic and delicious items.

In addition to that, youngsters also send romantic emails, messages, E-cards and valentine’s Day SMS. The night life of Austria is really very vibrant and exciting and it has endless number of pubs which welcome lovers and give them chance to celebrate this day in the most exciting way.

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