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Valentine Roses: The Language of Love that they speak

Posted on : 3rd Feb 2017

Roses are the ultimate choice for Valentine’s Day. They serve as a unique symbol of love and they have their own unspoken language of love. There are various varieties of roses available, from which one has to choose. It’s not less than a pitched battle to find the perfect rose for the most perfect person of your life. Red rose is specifically the one which is associated with the idea of love on Valentine’s Day. Not only people offer roses to their valentine’s but traditionally they also prefer wearing rose coloured clothes to impress their beloved.

There can be plenty of options to gift rose! One rose or a dozen of gorgeous fresh roses, or a hamper of roses every approach has its own charm. One can pack a dozen of fresh roses in all the shades and sizes arranged together can be really helpful in surprising your special someone. Besides that you also need to be sure enough that the right kind of message is being conveyed to the one you are sending it. You can end up saying I am falling for you instead of saying thank you, if you cannot make the colour selection of the roses. The right kind of rose will say much more than what you want to say. Make sure to match your inner most feelings with the colour of the flower.

Traditionally Red roses are considered the symbol of the romantic feeling of love and are the most popular among all the valentine’s flowers. But love is much wider than that! Going beyond this idea will help you in sweetening up your relationships and celebrate love in all the relations that exist in our lives. Fortunately we have the opportunity to wish them all in our life with different colour of roses. Here’s what every flower conveys:

Red Rose: It says “I Love you”

You need no words, if you can present her a red rose on valentine. It represents courage, love, beauty, respect and romantic relationship between two hearts.

White Rose: It says “I am perfect for you”

Be unique, and surprise your beloved with a bunch of white roses which convey to her your true and pure love. A white rose is the symbol of innocence, youthfulness, charm, purity and humility.

Pink Rose: Shows “Gratitude”

Do you want to say thank you to some body? It’s an ideal gift on valentine for a friend who has done favour to you when you needed it the most. a Pink rose is the symbol of gratefulness, grace, happiness, appreciation and gentleness.

Yellow Rose: Says, “You’re the perfect friend and I cannot afford to lose you”

Yellow rose celebrates unparalleled friendship! It symbolises friendship, remembrance, delight, welcome back and joy.

Peach Rose: It asks the other, “to make it a memorable valentine”

These are a great way of saying that we can make a great day together and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do so. It symbolises closeness!

Orange Rose: It says “I will be lucky to have you in my life”

It shows the other person that you are so much passionate about him/her. It is the symbol of fascination, desire and enthusiasm.

Gifting a rose will only serve its purpose if its colour will give the perfect signal to one you are sending it. So, make sure that you are sending the right signal to that special person in your life.

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